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prison wares
mike and i have been looking at purchasing more rental property. insert slum-lord joke here. okay, now that we're done laughing i want to share a little story.

it's nothing new to run into the occasional fascinating item accidentally left out on a table at someone's apartment when the realtor and prospective buyers show up. usually in madison it's pot paraphernalia. and probably not very accidental, actually, considering that madison city ordinance 23.20 states that "a person may casually possess marijuana or cannabis in a private place." but i think paraphernalia is still illegal, however. whatevs. well, that was a tangent. but the point is, it's no big deal to run into such a thing, legal or not.

two weeks ago we were in an apartment and i spotted a prison tv. you know how they are see-through so that inmates can't hide any drugs or weapons in them? i hear it takes years to earn one of those tv's in the clank. still, not a big deal, but i've never seen one in real life, so it was a bit interesting. and it's always fun to come across items in people's homes that give away scandalous details about them. yesterday we went out again and in the bathroom of one apartment, i saw something i never knew existed....a prison hairdryer! it was so rad. i can't even find any online photos to link. oh well - you'll just have to believe me.

i'll keep you posted as i come across other interesting items or oddities behind closed doors.


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