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Mich & Jinx Make a Film
Now that I've begun my brand-spanking new video production internship, I decided to go home and try my hand at creating my first film project. Just a little something to practice some of what I've learned without dicking up a "real" project at the studio. And I figured I should familiarize myself with Microsoft Movie Maker, which came installed on the cheapy computer we recently bought. It's kind of silly that someone with a professed interest in film-making would not have started by putzing around with the computer and program one has already. Ah well.

At the production studio, of course they have Macs and video-making software costing thousands of dollars. As stated, our home laptop is incredibly cheap and basic. When it was purchased, its intended use was for creating documents and cruising the Internet. Simple things that require little in the way of advanced technology.

In the end, Microsoft Movie Maker is a very dumbed-down program which actually limits creativity. And, of course, the built-in webcam would not be my first choice in camera and sound equipment. For the level of skill I'm at right now, it's just fine. But I'm sure the day will come when I'll decide that I've had it with the stupid program. And then I'll have to sell an organ so I can buy a Mac and a better program.

So, with Mike's participation, I created this little ditty. Tre classy.

Oh, I should type up a little description or something. How funny. Like a parody of a film review. From like, an art publication. Okay...

In Jess Haven's debut film, we see her intrinsic experimental side. She combats her curious relationship with the webcam and its functions against deeply emotional exchanges with her muse, her lover, her husband Michael. The interactions between the mates are poignant exchanges of humor, exploration, trust and oneness. The surprise ending is delectably irrelevant - no doubt Haven's commentary on the constructs of logic. As one delighted viewer expressed, "Bravo Havens. Bravo!"

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