whatnot and such, per se
musings, nonsense, oddities, rants, observations, beauty, sarcasm, what have you. take it/leave it, if you will.
so i just fancified the blog and now feel immense pressure to post something. but no ideas. i'm a little exhausted frankly, from channeling all my creativity into setting up this beautiful space. aaah, isn't it nice?

so, let's see. what's left in there. "dink, dink, dink. halLOW!" i know - i'll take the easy route and share a video i created recently. i'm pretty much in the bullshit stages of making film. quite the amateur. but having a wholelotta rad times with it. in fact, it's been over a month now that i've been interning with a video production company and i must say that i'm learning so much and loving every moment of it. unfortunately, i'm at what i call "the awkward teen stage." at first i was delighted by any little accomplishment or catching-on that was happening but now i'm over that and just want to have a fine-tuned, functional knowledge of the entire process. so, i guess my awkward teen analogy did not quite explain itself so i'll elaborate. you know how you're 15 or something and you're all roughed up and ugly, a little greasy and physically awkward? perhaps you have braces on your teeth and you haven't figured out how to pluck your eyebrows yet and you might have a big white zit on your forehead that everyone's been staring at all day? but you want to be taken seriously so bad. you're blowing off your parents, you want to be independent and you're full of angst, just trying to grow up faster than you should. so that's me right now. i'm bobbling around the studio, getting a taste of what can someday be that i want so badly right now, but then i ask the owners, "which button turns off the mac?" yes, awkward. learning sucks sometimes. and i feel so bad for the guys over there. they're extremely patient and kind. i hope this leads to ginormous karma payoffs for them someday.

i know that my expectations of myself are a bit unrealistic being that, yes, i learned how to turn a mac on a mere 5 weeks ago. so i'm being hard on myself. but i hate being a burden. i want to be helpful and i want to move on. ugh! i want a fast-forward button.

so, back to my amateur video efforts. here's one for your viewing pleasure. there's no camera or sound work to speak of - just experimental editing and fun. enjoy!