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ugly, part II - and ***the reserves***
you asked for them. well, one person did. and here they are. the latest additions to the ugly collection...





side note: these are disgusting. they're cow fur. it was quite a moral dilemma when purchasing them, but i finally came to the conclusion that they were within my rules, as they are used.

so that's the latest haul. but i thought, just this once, i might give you a sneak peak into my personal collection (not for sale), which i call, "the reserves."

this was my grandmother's.

an antique store find a few years ago.

mike's packer-sunday getup. the wool, plaid pants belonged to his uncle and the retro packer sweater was a sweet-sweet vinnies find.

a very recent addition to the reserves. i plan to wear this to drag skate this year. which i think will be held in october. you'll know it when it hits you.

i wore this antique-store felt hat out for our anniversary a few weeks ago.

i saved this one for last. i love it! i'll be wearing it to a wedding or two this summer. see more photos for more excitement...

this one shows the colors and bow better.

...and the quality in the lining

sorry, i'm really excited about this last one!!

oh, did you notice my new mannequins? i'm getting there! and in case you missed round one of my ugly collection, here it is. viola!

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i'm kind of an horrible person
ooooooh god. grooooannnnnn. it happens every month. sometimes more than once. but reliably, once per month.

the willy street coop reader ALWAYS publishes a customer comment that annoys the piss out of me. am i overly intolerant? i don't think so. what kind of people expect businesses to cater to their every, little, specific, nit-picky, piece-of-shit desire or need? seriously. i get food allergies and sustainability and requesting certain items and eating/buying local and hormone-free and organic and vegetarian and free-range. i get these things, i do. but at times, the comments and suggestions push it just...a little...too...far. here's an example that i read today...

Ink sensitivity

Q: As a chemically sensitive person, the ink on the receipts makes me ill when it touches my skin. Could you encourage all cashiers to fold the receipts ink-side inward so I don’t have to handle this? They all fold it ink side out and then hand it to the customer. Many thanks for your attention to this and accommodations.

A: Thanks for writing! Our receipt paper is actually a thermal paper that is impregnated with a coating that changes color when it is heated, thus producing the print that you see on your receipts. While it requires no ink, it could possibly be the chemicals used to coat the paper (in doing research, the most commonly used chemicals to treat thermal paper are a combination of fluoran leuco dye and an octadecylphosphonic acid) that are giving you the adverse reaction. If you feel comfortable in doing so, please don’t hesitate to let your cashier know of your chemical sensitivity and they will be happy to give you your receipt in any manner that works best for you, whether it be folding it in a way where the printed side does not come in contact with your skin, or putting it in a separate bag or envelope. We will continue to look into the specifics of the receipt paper that we use and what it can potentially mean for our chemically sensitive customers. -Jesse Thurber, Assistant Front End Manager

OMG. i could scream! dude! lady! what?! the ink on the paper makes you ill??? wear goddamn gloves. it's winter anyway. and i love that there's actually no ink involved. but i'm saddened to think that poor sap jesse thurber even researched what chemicals make up the coating on the paper. and why do people feel the need to write in about something like this? just speak to the human being on the other side of the conveyor belt! i'm sure they can help you brainstorm a fine alternative to having to handle your receipt. i HOPE there's some asshole out there who writes comments like these just to mess with people like me. and if so - you're a goddamn genius.

More plastic please

Q: What is so hard about stocking plastic soup spoons? I haven’t seen one in over a month. Eating soup with a teaspoon is a drag.

good lord. that was worth putting pencil to paper? and dude/lady could have been kinder and more to the point. "please stock soup spoons consistently." done. none of that "what a drag" stuff or "what's so hard about..." attitude.

here's a good one that reflects my annoyance with our hand-sanitizer bubble-boy society. sad that the coop gave in...

Keeping clean

Q: How about some hand wipes at the door when you exit?

A: I have been trying to find sanitizing wipes that are not ridiculously expensive and are environmentally friendly and haven’t had any luck. So, I have decided to just purchase the Purell brand. They should be available for use by the time this goes to print. -Jim Jirous, Maintenance Coordinator

of course there's more...

Caught bear-handed

Q: Please shift the little packets of gummy bears up out of sight of kids-my daughter picks them up every time. In bulk section. Thanks.

A: Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately with the recent reset, the gummy bears are at a low level in the Willy Pack set. We will consider moving the up in future resets. -Jesse Jensen, Grocery Coordinator

perhaps the coop will decide to only stock lima beans, brussels sprouts and porridge on bottom shelves, for your ease in parenting.

and to top it off, here's a little reader comment fight that began in january and was followed up recently in march....

Shove it

Q: Kindly advise your cashiers not to shove food towards customers in an effort to make them bag groceries more quickly. It’s a bit indecorous. Those items are food that we’ve spent our hard-earned money to buy. It feels a bit like being mistreated. I know you don’t employ baggers in order to keep costs low, and I have no problem with bagging (in fact I enjoy it) but a note to the cashiers: patience please.

i totally give a shout out to the follow-up guy/gal, though i would have chosen to end it with, "get a life, you tool..."

Q: Re: letter in Reader. Please please don’t jump on cashiers that pass the groceries to you. I sometimes have the opposite problem. People—get real!

okay, this is certainly a rant, so i should end on a positive note. this was silly and nice...

Happy Haiku

Q: We love your baked goods. How about zucchini bread? Tasty little loaves! (We would love your reply to also be in haiku form.)

A: We welcome feedback And wonderful ideas. Keep your eyes open.
-Josh Perkins, Kitchen Manager

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happy photos
so here's my mom looking really happy, channeling her 10-year-old bliss via accordion playing. and that's my beaut of an accordion. we were in the sunniest room in my grandparents' house so that was all good-feeling and nostalgic, too.

my lesson yesterday went well, i suppose. this is going to be challenging. but i'll work it out. for now i need to really polish up the basics of music theory and get comfortable with the mechanics of playing the thing. but i really did learn so much already. i won't bore anyone with details. one of you out there would be excited by them and we already discussed yesterday and got that geekiness out of the way.

since i've got the camera going, i thought i'd add another photo along the "happy" theme. this one is from a particular moment when i was going to bed and i looked around the room and felt nice because it was clean. also, probably because mike was not home yet to stink it up. i like the wool mother-in-law-made socks hanging from the dresser drawer to dry. aw, homey.

the end.

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